I am a young married woman from Mustio with a daughter born in 2011. You can get to know my dogs and my hobbies with them in this article. A large part of my family also includes my beloved chihuahua dogs, with whom I travel relatively hard at shows.

My first dog, Paw’s Mystery Lady Sarah, came to me in February 2010 after I sold my beloved horse. I was completely captivated by the breed and very soon also by the show hobby. In the summer of the same year, I took Sara’s daughter into foster care, and that’s when I became interested in breeding when I got to follow the journey of Säte’s first litter into the world from start to finish.

I took the breeder’s basic course in the fall of 2011, and in January 2013, I was granted a kennel name. However, dogs are family members to me, in whose beds you can find those lost socks and shows as a hobby, some passion. My dogs are a central part of the family’s everyday life, and, starting from puppyhood, they get used to the family’s everyday life, children, and otherwise normal life.jetx game

I want to be involved in the lives of my children as much as possible, and in that same vein, I want to be involved in the lives of my puppies as well as I can. I take them as an integral part of my life and they get all of my attention as much as I get all of theirs. It’s been a long walk trying to build and maintain this bond, but it is a walk I am glad I started and one I will forever be proud of.

I want to thank Pirjo Harrinvirta for the priceless advice and lessons he has given me, without him I would hardly be here! Thanks also to my husband, who helps me take care of the dogs, and to my friend Ninni for showing help!

I am a member of the Finnish Kennel Club and Chihuahuas. As a member of these clubs, I have learned a lot about dogs and pets generally. As you read through this article, you will find some of the valuable lessons I have learned from these clubs playing out in my relationship with these awesome puppies of mine.

New Small and Wild Success

Summer also came and went, so it was a blast! I can’t bear to start the text anymore by asking how long it has been since the last time. The intervals are long, and there is nothing debatable about that. I sometimes wish they could be shorter, but there are many things we don’t seem to have control over and this appears to be one of those.

Suppose we return to where we left off last time, i.e., exhibitions. After all, there was the Tuomarinkylä KV show with Sara, Jarpi, and Duudson – the judge was Helle Dan Pålsson from Denmark. Sara Saranainen EH AVK2, again I forgot that in Tuomarinkylä, the grass is not the best base for our lawn.

When the tall grass makes the maiden raise her little paws almost to the height of her head. Jarppi, as expected, EH and NUK1, this time, the behavior were more relaxed outside the ring than it ever was inside, even though we sat “close” in the ring. However, the bullying commenced while at the ring, well – training! Mami was so proud, even though the reserved certificate is a bit “useless” but it’s nice to get it too!

Otherwise, our summer has been very calm and relaxed. Saaga and Jarppi went a couple of times to practice on the mats, and Saaga got one ranking and, as a prize, a couple of toys and the cutest and smallest yellow rosette in the world! Saga performs well, despite a little training. Otherwise, no exhibitions have been visited.

In Karja, I walked around a bit in the role of a tourist and even looked at the chihu ring. However, I drove a lot in my sister’s beagle ring. Of course, please don’t have your own, but this time I saw it. However, we will return to the exhibition halls next weekend with the Tuulos group exhibition.

First-timer Saaga and veterans Duudson, Sara, and Jarppi will join. Like every other first thing they have gotten themselves involved in and with, I do hope it offers a thrilling experience for them – one that they will continually always look forward to.

Yesterday I left for Salo intending to train Jarpp and Saaga just for Tuulo. Unfortunately, my aunt unexpectedly couldn’t make it there anyway, and only Duudson was there. The boy did great, SIN1 and BIS4! Not a bad trip, although it was a bit sad when those who were training couldn’t get there. On the other hand, traveling alone was excellent training for Duudson. We usually have at least two four-legged friends on the way to the dog shows.

Someone must have already noticed from the website that a new little one has moved in with us. That is Redenstamm My Happy Empress, more commonly known as Emppu. Beautiful as candy, sweet little rascal, short-haired bitch. Emppu has been accepted into the herd well; at the moment, it still spends time with Säte and Säte’s puppy. Both of them have a playgroup close to their age and there is plenty of going and puppy wrestling! So Sade only got one puppy, which was reserved before birth.

Bruno’s future owners visited the puppy with their dog. So they have our last year’s puppy Nami, better known as Carlo. The boy has developed very well! What continues to surprise me is not how well he has developed, even though that is part of it. The most interesting part is how he acts, and thinks; sometimes you will be forced to wonder where and how all of these happened.

A lot has happened with my puppies and it gets difficult knowing where to write. The first is Brenda’s female puppy, Saaga, who stayed at home with us to grow up. The little girl is her mother, who has appeared in the past, with an equally strong character and her coloring is also very similar to her mother’s.

The next thing that changed for us is that the dogs and we, with the host, were made so-called changers. At first, this would have been a more reasonable solution, but I wanted to be as close as possible to the little girl’s room because the serious girl got her room after we moved here. This solution is about 100x better than the previous one, and even the coussulis got used to the solution very quickly.

I got very excited at work because my aunt and Pirjo traveled to kneeling with Haukku. I had to return home in the middle of the day because of a high fever, and I called my impatience as soon as I had calculated that the knee braces were over. Moreover, they were already on their way home and told there were healthy dogs!

Jarp is 0/0, and Säte and Nami are still 0/0 in the replay. Pyry was also involved, and it was also 0/0, so great! The evening went happily, although the high fever lowered my mood, but still! That was one day when I had to hold on to the positives instead of getting swayed by the negatives.

We started the exhibition season on April 27 at the group exhibition at the Helsinki Exhibition Center. It was a sight to behold and all the events that took place that day were one to look forward to; evergreen appears to be the best word that describes what we experienced there. Before that, we went to a couple of matches to train without much success. The exhibitions went well; Jarppi is still terrified even though he has gained enormous self-confidence.

The judge frankly felt a little disappointed when the little man didn’t act representatively for himself and got EH for this year. However, he said ERI would have come if there had been no tension in the movements. That is, training! Duudson started the season nicely! One can’t help but admire the boy’s movements again, superman! After a long break, Pyry was also there, who got EXCELLENT SA and was second in his class, so not a crazy start to the year at all.

The next shows are on Sunday, more about them as soon as possible. There go the boys and Sara, who has accumulated too much waist circumference. We’re on a diet, but rumination is known to add pounds to the waist, right? The neighbor has also noticed that Sara and Säde seem quite princesses.

A New Year and New Tricks!

However, let’s go back to the beginning of last year’s events. As I already mentioned, Christmas was celebrated here at home in a very Chihu-like mood; there were many people in the house! The dogs were given treats as a gift, with rather bad success in opening them, but after chewing long enough, they got treats in their mouths. It was a bit unclear, at least for me, whether someone had opened another gift. However, there was a package for everyone, if not more.

The New Year was celebrated with my aunt and her husband (and their chiaus), so Jarppi came home to visit, and I drowned the little man in kisses! The boy has not changed at all, at least negatively. It seemed good for Jarp to be, but Duudson subjugated the boy a little, and now the little man is no longer “under the boot” when playing with Duudson.

However, there were no fights even though both men’s harems were messed up. I have great boys; that’s all I can say! Boys who have grown in my very eyes into everything good I have always desired for them, and that is something that keeps me going even on my seemingly dark days. We didn’t care about the rockets; when the louder bangs started, the dogs were already so exhausted from playing around that they couldn’t stop their ears.

Of Nami’s puppies, we still have the boy above; he is a very busy and happy little boy. Brenda’s puppies have grown up nicely and are playing quite a lot with each other! I’ve also returned to work, so the dog breaks sometimes take longer. That’s the only change this new year has brought, but luckily my return to work means mostly weekend shifts. A light fall for this hostess who is already well used to mammal vacation!

Christmas Moods

We are looking forward to the first Christmas in our home – quite a luxury! We’ve spent a fortune trying to make this home into everything we have surfed on the internet to define a glamorous home, and here we are about to spend the first Christmas here. At the same time, it is the girl’s first proper Christmas; she slept quite soundly last year. We spend Christmas in a very chihu-like atmosphere, my mother and her husband come with their dogs to spend Christmas with us, so there is plenty of noise.

Since our dogs have a rather “luxury” summer house, they must also have winter fun. We’ve also had a nice amount of snow here in Southern Finland, so the dogs got their ski center in the enclosure. At the same time, it works as the middle part of the running track at Duudson!

In truth, after the first night’s snow shoveling, our fine hems said they couldn’t go out in the yard if they had to wade there. 

So the snow was piled up in the middle of the enclosure, and it has been coming since then and the pile has been pushed, there is already quite a lot of snow = the dogs’ ski center is ready. And I can also tell you that not a single one has even considered getting to know the pile in more detail. Some just want to know a thing or two about it, but no one wants to get into the details of how it came to be.

At first glance, it is easy to tell that the pile is also rotated from a safe distance away so that the paws don’t sink into the snow. I would guess that most of us barkers would be very happy to hibernate if it were part of the dog’s customs. Sadly, it isn’t part of it and that does not in any way affect the fun.

It’s been a while since the last time I updated you on what is going on with me and my lovelies, and we have the smell of little puppies here because Brenduska has 2 puppies to take care of. Like her mother, Brenda has proven to be a great mom! The birth of the first-timer went well, and the now four-week-old puppies are growing fast. I am sure she can’t wait to have them all grown so they can rally around her like she did when she was much younger.

Brenda, Jarp, and Port

To start with, where I left off last, Brenda. The lady is pregnant and very heavy; the calculation is on Monday, so the little ones can be expected at almost any moment, as long as you can keep them in your belly for a few more days. When asked if they pass grannies on the crosswalk when pregnant, Brenda can say yes, a slow wag who waddles like a duck. But his happy and busy self, raining kisses and fluffing his tail when he gets even a little excited. Let’s see what bursts of energy come out of it!

This litter is a little different from others on that emotional level for this mistress. Säde and Nami were adults when they came to me, but Brenda was a little puppy when they came to us. And it’s terrible to think that mommy’s baby will become a mother herself; now I can finally relate to my mother’s role when she became a grandmother. Yes, it’s nice to be an emotional and sensitive person who probably still thinks too much.

A strong woman lives in our house! Namely, my daughter. It’s so much fun for him to be at the dog house door watching the kisses; screaming is impossible, and it’s super cool when it’s raining kisses to share with others! This time, while vacuuming, I noticed a dust ball in the dog room and leaned a little on the gate with my knee and was about to continue inside the dog room when the latch on the gate broke.

Of course, a child like that doesn’t stand very firmly right from the start, and swinging the gate was great when he learned that. The bolt loop pin could not handle this, and the iron broke if it banged. Luckily, another one was found in the closet, but it didn’t take long for the girl to figure out that it was enough to fiddle with her hand at some point to get this thread hook open very easily.

In the end, we replaced the gate with a completely new latch, and the new one is a push latch. It already requires a few motor skills to open it. But I have to say that luckily, every little girl seems to love the little girl, it’s raining kisses and Säde sometimes tries to offer her toys. And the louder the girl squeals, the more excited the dogs are. Is this going right?

Jarppi went to my aunt’s country town for a bit, smart. So they still live in Metikömä like us. Still, they visit several cities every week. This way, Jarppi gets self-confidence in a little different scenery when the boy has worked hard to get excited about exhibition situations. At the same time, the boy gets the opportunity to be the only male in the pack, my aunt already has three chihuahuas who are lovely girls.

Our boys get along excellently with each other, but Duudson is the pack’s alpha male without any doubt. But now, on to the comebacks!

Everyday is Back to Normal

Undoubtedly, there are days when things go off, entirely different from what was planned and there are other days it just returns back to normal. Interestingly, this is one of those times when things return back to normal. I won’t lie to you – I am excited that everything is how they are in the way they are.

Sää’s puppies moved to new homes around the world. Not because they were, or still are, absolutely wonderful. Little happy lingerers with enough speed more than the law allows! Everyone got to a good home and I can’t help but wish the new families the best of luck with the little ones.

In other words, this hostess is in the hills of happiness; she got her beloved Säde Sämpylä under her arm to nurse! How can a small thing mean so much? A lovely sizzling radiator under your arm puts a smile on your face, even on a grumpy day. Sade looked for her children for a couple of days or mostly cried next to Nami’s puppy pen, but now the puppies have been “forgotten,” and the hunt for socks has begun (you know where to hunt for lost pairs of socks and the child’s socks are the best).

By the way, Sara and Säde got a new bed, a big plush toy that I got from my sister for my daughter as a toy/to decorate the room. Sara once jumped into the girl’s room, where I don’t want to let dogs in principle. After a little while, I followed, ready to command the lady about the matter, and when I stormed the room with the last leaps, already positioned for a tight fit, my heart seemed to explode.

Horrible mother going to command, while the other has gone to get shelter and a friend from the plush grave and slept under its ear. So Säde had just had puppies then, and Sara was alone and a bit lonely. Soon, Sara would always jump into the girl’s room next to the grave, so I had to take the grave as a bed in the living room. And oh, how sweetly Sara sleeps on it! The best bed ever says, Sara!

Nami’s children have grown up nicely and have already received reservations. At least for the time being, the girl will stay at home to grow up! It’s quieter than quiet on the exhibition front. I forgot about the karakas, and the pitch struck the winner. We need mass (Duudson) and ring experience (Jarppi), and I don’t want a single dog to go to dog shows. I must have gotten lazy; I started the job with one dog. Fortunately, we are not in a hurry!

Duudson needs a mass training course now, tips can be given, and Jarpi and I will have a good time on the mats (at least there is a suitable distance away). The boy is still excited, but that’s about it, isn’t it – every time, better and better. Aada is coming back from grandma’s tomorrow, so the herd is back together, so it has been on the loan while my mother’s other dog is on mammal vacation with its breeder. And I hope Brenda is raising little ones in her mass, thumbs up!

The Smell of a Puppy

Hello again after a long time. I’ve been asked to update the blog from a few sources already, but when it’s not available, it’s not available. And is my life even busy? Not really, but I still feel like I can’t get anything done. Whoah. If it’s because of this, the company is at least tough.

It’s been unusually quiet on the show front. Still, I already knew that last year that she wouldn’t be working so hard this year. Every weekend this mistress doesn’t bother to leave the owner and the girl at home together, even though they’re always doing well and the owner takes care of the girl with great pleasure.

The girl has developed wildly anyway, and the dogs are just as much fun for her – one day, Sara sat diagonally in front of the girl, and oh, what a terrible noise, even though Sara did nothing but turn her head. At least the dogs still like the girl; we’ll see what it is when they start moving more. I have also praised the small size of my dogs in that regard; if the child gets rowdy, the barking blankets can run away under the sofa. Well, time will tell.

In any case, we’ve been to the ring; I won’t start detailing each one, but there have been nice reviews, and Duudson has also been able to visit once there, the best male in the ring. At the weekend, Sara was in Raisio with a slightly more special judge (threw wrecks even at the top dogs, the dog was not allowed to have even the smallest tooth defect, for example), the third-best bitch!

The spare certificate came to bring home from that trip. Mamma’s very nice wall! Ninni has started to play Sara, too; it has given the maiden’s performance more kick, and the wall has become completely wild! I think Sara is in menopause; it’s wild these days! There’s enough speed when chilling around the room, sometimes accompanied by some crazy scene!

But to those words referred to in the title, i.e., the smell of the puppy. That’s what we have here right now! Sade had her little one on 24.7. I’m hoping for only boys for three good-sized males – the first time, so maybe I’ll get the female from there too!

Their eyes have been open for a long time and probably soon, the surrounding world will also start to be interested. I don’t say anything about hair qualities yet, but at the moment, it seems that there are both long-haired and short-haired individuals. So these are our Duudson’s first litter, and I think they look nice.

Then the thing that hasn’t been “talked about” yet is that Nami has also become a permanent member of our herd. Nami Namunen was running when he came, and I also stepped on it with Duudson. It would have been 19.8, i.e., next Sunday, but Namuli decided yesterday with her huge belly as the puppies’ birthday.

The world was born full of surprise, without the slightest sign, first a female and after her four males. Fortunately, the day before, I had moved the girl to the litter box separately from the others! All five are of a good size considering their slightly short days, and at least now it looks good, everyone’s weight is increasing, and the mother takes excellent care of her little ones.

It is incredibly wonderful to watch the care of puppies of two excellent mother dogs simultaneously. Not only do I love what I see, but I also get to note some lessons from how they raise their kids – the good things they do and some of the mistakes they make. Both are really good mothers; good teats and milk come out, they wash their puppies diligently, etc. Nevertheless, both are so different and take care of their puppies in different ways.

I can’t help but be proud of my protégés. And as with human babies, my own feels so small until you see a newborn, and oh my, I thought Säte’s babies were very small still, but now they are huge! With Sätte’s puppies, my dream of breeding also came true; they are my first litter! Crazy, but still so lovely!